Meet Our Inspiration & Most Trusted Product Tester - Ema

She is sweet but fierce, loves to dance more than anything, could run forever if we let her, has infinite amount of energy and when it's bed time, she puts us to sleep first. Her amazing little personality inspires us to do more and make a difference we are most capable of.


About us

We are a newly formed company specializing in sales of unique and stylish Baby and Kids products, mainly strollers. We are also new parents to a beautiful 15 month old who has inspired us to start this journey in the first place. 

As concerned, picky and curious parents, we have researched probably every baby product you can think of trying to find one that not only suits our needs but also style. Strollers in particular have been very difficult to find since there was simply no stroller that was stylish enough for the money we were willing to spend on it. Then you have the quality and durability as well as functionality, all of which we simply could not find in one wonderful product. And, so we became more eager to do something about it and bring more variety to the Canadian market. In addition to the above, our even bigger goal is to provide assistance to families in need. 

We have started our company in 2017 and in a very short time have tested many strollers from various manufacturers. All the products we import are carefully chosen and are tested for quality and safety prior to becoming available for purchase, something that is not guaranteed with other online purchases. Our priority has and always will be the safety of each and every product we sell. We will only put it up online if we trust it for our own child.

We are very excited to announce that our very first edition high quality stroller, at a more affordable price, will be available for sale in July of this year. Our vision has been to introduce a product that is designed to inspire creativity and provide everything one needs to make parenthood a little easier and of course a little fancier without the hefty price tag. We plan to donate a portion of the donations we raise through our Website Foundation to a charity such as the New Mom Project which focuses on helping moms in need of baby items. One of our other missions is to donate our newly designed stroller on a monthly basis to a family that simply cannot afford a safe and reliable stroller for their little one. Going forward, we plan to continue to donate to charities that focus on helping new parents in need as well as sick kids hospitals in our community as well as overseas.

Whether you are a parent or grandparent or anyone else with a little one in your life, we feel that our products will serve your needs. We plan to continue to introduce new and exciting strollers that will be able to handle every new hectic day with much grace and stability. Most importantly, you would be investing in a product that is stylish and safe for your little one, without breaking the bank and while also helping families in need.

Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping! :)